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How to win many points in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Squad Battles

Since the departure of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode has once again demonstrated its good health being one of the favorite stops of each of the players, who have found in it a wide range of options that can´t be seen in other similar programs. And specifically the so-called Squad Battles (Team Battles) are one of those novelties that already have a multitude of supporters behind them.

Thanks to the team battles in FIFA 18 you will be able to get a series of rewards for your good performance against the machine, and your final score will depend on certain factors that we are going to detail below.

That is why through this guide to Squad Battles of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you will know how to get a maximum score in the matches and what you must do to reach these levels in FIFA 18.

The chance to win the maximum fifa 18 coins in the Squad Battles of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is determined by the statistics of each game and by the difficulty to which you face the machine.

Obviously the difficulty of the CPU in the battles of teams of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is one of the first factors when granting the player more or less points. The number that appears next to the level of difficulty is the portion of the points you earn in each of the matches.

Our advice is that you never play at the lower levels because it is not worth the dedication, and instead you focus on the Legendary mode. Nor do we advise Ultimate mode because it is difficult to achieve high goals due to its difficulty.
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